Great bodies are easy to find, great personalities are not!

Northeast Coeds is the most selective female companionship referral service in Boston. The young ladies I refer are highly desirable, low-volume, and exclusive. None of the young ladies we refer have any prior experience with adult services when they join Northeast Coeds. I am choosy about the men we accept as clients. I do not respond to incomplete or anonymous introductions. Gentlemen, please read this before making contact.

My name is Allison and Northeast Coeds is my agency. I strive to connect my clients with newest, most desirable young women that can be found. If you are satisfied with run-of-the-mill companions and run-of-the-mill referral services, please stick with them. If not, welcome to Northeast Coeds!

The young women available here are not everyday escorts that you can find anywhere. They are highly desirable younger companions who are seeking *better arrangements* with *better gentlemen*. They are willing and able provide a higher level of service and companionship because at Northeast Coeds, personality matters above all else.

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I am only looking for exceptional, easily verifiable gentlemen. Please email first and be sure to introduce yourself fully: Next, leave a voicemail at 617-286-4776. Verification and/or references are required.


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Submissive Karina


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I search for attractive, personable young women for hourly and monthly arrangements with generous, mature men. My professional recruiting and sales skills are something successful men can relate to and appreciate. I provide this service is a truly discreet and highly personalized manner.

If you are the position to invest a thousand dollars (or more) per month in this level of service and entertainment, you may be a good fit. However, money alone won’t get you in the door with my agency. I’m looking for mature men with character and personality who have the inclination to enter into a long term relationship with me and one or more of the young women I represent. I do not overpromise. I do not underdeliver.


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