Private photo gallery and password updated 8-27-15. Return clients please email for password.

Female companionship for executives and VIPs

  • Here is a breath of fresh air: Every Northeast Companion is smoke free and tattoo free.
  • Mikayla is now offering topless erotic massage.
  • Redhead Rachel, part-Asian Mikayla, and Latina Elise have all returned!
  • Effective 7-22-15 Ellie is handling all calls. All clients must speak with her by voice before their next appointment.
  • Duos (two girl) referrals and overnights are available by request.
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My name is Allison and Northeast Companions is my referral service. Northeast Companions is the most selective and discreet female companionship agency in Boston and New England! The young ladies I refer are highly desirable, low-volume, and exclusive.

Featured Companion: Mikayla


The young ladies I represent are seeking first class arrangements. I am selective about the men who are accepted as clients. I would expect you to be selective as well. Gentlemen, please read this before making contact.

None of the young women represented here have any previous experience providing companionship. They are willing and able provide a higher level of personal companionship because at Northeast Companions, personality matters above all else.

I am looking for exceptional, easily verifiable gentlemen who are a likely match for the kind of young women that I represent. Please email first and be sure to introduce yourself fully:


Companion references and/or verification info may be required

After emailing, call 617-286-4776 or leave a voicemail

I am constantly searching for attractive, personable young women for hourly, daily, and monthly arrangements with generous, mature men. My professional recruiting and sales skills are something successful men can relate to and appreciate. I provide this service is a truly discreet and highly personalized manner.

Money alone won’t get you in the door with my referral service. Ideally, you are a mature gentleman with the inclination to enter into a long term relationship with one of the young women found here. I do not overpromise. I do not underdeliver.



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